Learning to Be Free

The day you are stop caring about the perceptions of others is the day you are really and truly free.

Look, don’t believe people when they tell you you’re amazing, without blemish and sparkling white clean. Because you’ll also have to believe them when they say you’re stupid, dirty, dumb and worth nothing at all.

You’re somewhere in the middle; between good and bad, striving for good and making your mistakes along the way. Learn to pick yourself up when you do stupid things. Find your passions and chase them relentlessly. Focus on you before anyone else, and sister, you will be free.

And me? I am happy. I’m finding how easy my dreams can be and that I can make them true. That I can create and craft things to existence simply by the force of my will.

No, not my will alone. I have the most supportive parents; a father who tells me he’s proud of me and a mother who encourages my ambition. I’m the happiest I can be.



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